The Best Techniques to Achieve Vagina Rejuvenation

It is common for women who are past the menopausal period to undergo various conditions such as vaginal atrophy. Some factors might also contribute to the state such as after surgical process or after cancer treatment. It is the stimulation that you get from estrogen that the vaginal walls and tissues can stay elastic and lubricated and without the hormone, you can suffer from dryness, less elastic and lose vaginal tissues. Most women are likely to go for the surgery or pills, but the Mona Lisa touch is one of the best treatment and here is what you need to know.

The Mona Lisa process of treatment uses laser designed techniques to treat vaginal atrophy. Some of the conditions that are caused as a result of hormonal changes such as itching, burning sensations and dryness can be addressed through the process. The laser technology is non-invasive, and it uses the natural means to ensure that the vaginal walls are rehydrated to restore its functions. 

The treatment procedure helps in the production of the collagen that is responsible for the stimulation of the estrogen hormones. Some of the symptoms such as dryness, bleeding, discharge, irritation, pain during intercourse and urinary incontinence can be treated through the process. 

The procedure duplicates the same treatment that is used in the laser rejuvenation for the face. The laser light energy is applied to ensure that there is increased collagen production and facilitate blood vessel growth. When there is increased vaginal rejuvenation, then there will be the production of vaginal fluids which helps to ease the condition of the vaginal atrophy. 

The Mona Lisa Touch uses the basics of scientific treatment to ensure that women suffering from vaginal atrophy can recover. The method uses the aesthetic lasers which can ensure that the existing cells are revitalized. As a result, there will be increased blood flow and lubrication which helps to restore the former functions of the tissues. 

When planning to go for this treatment, it is critical to work with the experienced Mona Lisa Touch doctors. The treatment takes less than 5 minutes, and after three to four appointments, you can achieve significant improvement. The procedure is not painful, and the use of anesthetics cream can ensure that any discomfort during the process is eliminated. 

As a woman it is essential to take care of your health and candidates for this kind of treatment includes those who are in menopause, cancer survivors, those experiencing dryness or painful intercourse. The use of laser technology is beneficial, non-invasive and at the same time offers several benefits.

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